LG DVS450H DVD player gets DivX Certification


Recently, DivX, Inc., a digital media company and LG Electronics, have together announced the DivX Certification of a new DVD Player from LG that is capable of playing high-definition DivX video. The new DivX model DVS450H DVD Player features all the latest technologies assuring you a mind blowing entertainment experience.

"Bringing high-definition video to LG’s newest DVD player illustrates our mission of enabling high-quality media experience across any device," said Kevin Hell, Chief Executive Officer, DivX, Inc. "This new player from LG simplifies the consumer transition to HD entertainment by providing a high-definition experience on a familiar DVD platform. We are delighted to work with LG in bringing consumers a premium solution for their digital content."

Sporting a stylish and sleek design, the DVS450H DVD Player incorporates DivX technology that allows a full-length high-definition movie to fit onto a standard DVD. This new DVD Player enables you to play your personal libraries of high definition digital content.