LG BD300 Network Blu-ray Disc player

LG recently launched its network Blu-ray disc player capable of streaming videos directly to TV. Rightly described as premium deck, the player is incorporates cutting edge Blu-ray technologies. It saves 56% of power proving to be friendly for your pocket.

“What’s driving this Blu-ray growth is 1080p,” Allan Jason, LG vice president of sales and marketing for Digital Media and New Products said. “Sixty-eight percent of all 40-inch-and-over flat-panel HDTVs sold in 2008 will be 1080p.” He also cited statistics that show 27 million households with DVR devices and 80 million with access to some level of pay-per-view.

The player is based on Intelligent Sensor technology and boasts a resolution of 1080p which automatically explains the high quality images. The integrated BD live and Bonus View feature makes it one versatile high performance device.

The player will be available for use this fall with price range starting from $8.99 monthly. After a two week trial subscription, you can choose from eight available pricing plans.

Via: Dealerscope