LG Announces Two New Wireless LCD HDTVs: 55LH95 and 55LH93

LG has two new LCD HDTVs to dazzle us with and we’re already impressed with the whole wireless thing. But let’s not get carried away! LG has announced the 55LH95 an 55LH93 LCD HDTVs and they are both ultra-thin panels (24.8 millimeters in thickness both) which rely on 3,360 LEDs to offer you an impressive TV watching experience. Other features include 5,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, a 240Hz refresh rate and the wireless thing we started with. It seems that these two LCDs will be able to connect to your other gadgets without the need of an HDMI cable. That means you can play DVD and console games without having to physically connect them to these HDTVs.

Prices for these two LG HDTVs are pretty steep. The 55LH95 and 55LH93 will be available in South Korea in July for $5,500 and $5,900 respectively. If you’re looking for smaller screens then you should wait a little while for LG to launch similar 42- and 47-inch LED LCD HDTVs.

via Newswire