LG 55LE5400 Television Review-Incredible Depth of Utility

So I got a look at an LG entrant in the newly-minted LED television market, and I have to admit, I was pretty impressed with the whole thing.A  Of course, I probably shouldn’t have been too surprised–LG systems haven’t given me a lot of trouble that I can recall on the whole, but sometimes they can have a little trouble with their price.A  This is exactly what we get here with the LG 55LE5400.

The LG 55LE5400 is a fifty five inch 1080p LED television that offers internet connectivity included (no adapters necessary!), the XD Engine with x.v.Color technology,A  two ten-watt speakers with Dolby Digital decoder, one RF input, two A/V inputs, three component video inputs, four HDMI inputs, one PC input, one Ethernet input, one optical digital audio input, one headphone jack, two USB ports, a variety of picture modes, Skype capability (use your internet connectable television as a video phone!) and channel programming.

I was a little concerned when I saw the bottom line on this thing–Best Buy wanted twenty two hundred fifty bucks for it–but when I got a look at its spec sheet I was just astounded.A  Yes, this thing costs an arm and a leg, easily, but I’m downright unsettled by the sheer amount of utility in here.A  Great for old AND new components, with lots of options, and expandability, makes this one not only great in the short term, but also in the long term.A  The controls are easy to work with and the sound and picture are both fantastic.A  Ten watt speakers may not be much, but when they’re augmented with Dolby Digital it seemed to make quite a bit of difference.

The LG 55LE5400 is an incredible television, and as long as you can handle the whopping price tag, you WILL get an amazing value out of this system.