LG 55LD520 Television Review-Droolworthy

Get out your bibs, folks, because today’s review target is bound to make you drool–check out the LG 55LD520!

The LG 55LD520 is a fifty five inch 1080p LCD television with XD Engine (I hadn’t even heard of one of these until I checked around and discovered it was an image enhancer), TruMotion technology to cut down on blurring, three color temperature and eight picture modes, along with an RF input, two A/V inputs, a component video input, three HDMI inputs, a PC input, one optical digital audio output and one headphone jack.  It’s also got a pair of twenty watt speakers with Dolby Digital decoders and an Infinite Sound surround system.

The image on this thing really is surprisingly sharp and clean (guess that XD Engine’s doing its job!) and the sound certainly sounds good, with a pair of twenty-watt speakers and all.  And naturally, you’ll pay for this kind of quality, but not too harshly, though–Best Buy’s got it on sale for sixteen hundred twenty bucks, marked down from eighteen hundred.

The LG 55LD520 is, in summary, a good quality system, if likely to be a bit more expensive than most would want to pay, especially these days.