LG 47LX9500 Television Review-Magnolia Beautiful

And we’re going to wrap up the week in grand style with a massive entrant from LG, a full on Magnolia system.  Specifically, we’re talking about the LG 47LX9500, and it’s positively fantastic.

The LG 47LX9500 is a forty seven inch 1080p LED television that offers internet connectivity for easy access to the huge amount of content online, 3D capability once you’ve bought an additional kit, a variety of picture modes and color temperature modes to ensure your experience is as custom as it can be.  And if you don’t want to adjust the settings yourself, it’s got an intelligent sensor to perform the adjustments automatically. Plus, you’ll also get the Infinite Sound surround system with Dolby Digital, an RF input, two A/V inputs, three component inputs, four HDMI inputs, one PC input, an Ethernet port, and a USB port.

Of course, as should be expected from anything in the Magnolia line, it looks terrific and sounds just as good. The controls are pretty simple to work with, and there’s plenty of love here for both older and newer components, which is rare to say the least.

In fact, there’s only one downside to the LG 47LX9500–its price tag.  This sucker will run you an awe-inspiring four thousand dollars.  It’s not that this isn’t an incredible television, no mistake there, but is it worth four grand?  That’s your call, really–all I can tell you is that this is a magnificent television that offers lots of features and terrific quality.