LG 42LH90 Television Review-Another Sweet LG

LG, folks…it’s rapidly climbing to the top of my list when it comes to good buys in television.  And today’s model of choice, the LG 42LH90, is a prime model at or at least near the heavily cluttered top of LG’s phenomenal food chain.

The LG 42LH90 is a forty two inch 1080p LCD television with LED backlighting, as well as a host of other accessories like an intelligent system for reacting to ambient light levels in the room and, in turn, generating the correct amount of light for the best viewing experience possible.  Plus, it also features four HDMI ports and SRS TruSurround technology.

It’s a fantastic television, let’s be thoroughly honest here.  It has a fantastic picture and equally fantastic sound, along with profoundly simple buttons for controls that anyone can find right out of the box.  I resent virtually any move to hide controls that doesn’t involve a sliding panel of some sort, so this sort of thing is definitely welcome.

But considering that they’re asking fully eighteen hundred dollars for one of these, depending on where you shop, it had better be good.  Thankfully, the LG 42LH90 does deliver in terms of quality, though on terms of value, I’m not so sure.