LG 42LH30 Television Review-A Solid Buy

If you’re looking for a new television to round out your home theater, then I often recommend looking at LG models as they do a really nice job for not a huge amount of money.  The LG 42LH30 will definitely give you a lot of extra television for not a lot of extra cash.

The LG 42LH30 is a forty two inch 1080p LCD television with three HDMI ports, a composite input, a component input, a PC input, an “invisible speaker system” and both Picture Wizard and Clear Voice II technology.

Frankly, whatever all they put in it, it works.  The picture is really impressive, the sound is crisp and clear, and the controls are an easy set of rocker switches for most every control.  I couldn’t even spot artifacts looking up close, and you’ll probably never be as close as I got even after you buy it.  And considering that these retail for eight hundred and fifty bucks (though you’ll probably be able to do a whole lot better now), you’re definitely in the prime position to make a great buying decision.  The LG 42LH30 is one of those.