LG 32LH20 Review-Good But Unstable

“Unstable” is not usually a word I associate with a television set, especially an upper end model like LG, but the LG 32LH20 falls sadly into that class.

The LG 32LH20 is a 720p with a 30,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio, Invisible Speakers, Dolby Digital 5.1 Decoder, two HDMI ports, and includes a swivel stand, which may be the biggest problem of the whole system.

The sound is solid enough–those Invisible Speakers sound pretty good, and Dolby Digital doesn’t hurt even in the worst of times.  And the display is also pretty nice and clear, but don’t get too close, otherwise it’s prone to artifacts when images move at short range.  It’s a good TV, but the only real problem with the setup is that it’s poorly designed.  The manual controls on the set are not just sidemounted, but they’re on a sidemounted column and on the back SIDE of that column.  it’s a little confusing until you get used to them.  And worse yet, the swivel stand has a tendency to wobble even under simple circumstances.  Seriously, I had a pen and paper near this thing.  About half a foot away.  And my writing was enough to get this thing shaking like a California quake.

So if you can work around the stability issues–hang it on a wall, for example–and don’t mind getting used to some oddly laid-out controls, you’ll get along well with the LG 32LH20.