LG 32LD450 LCD Television Review-Good In The Right Conditions

We carry on with our look at LCD televisions this week by checking out a pretty nice model from LG, the LG 32LD450. You might not think it to look at it, but the LG 32LD450 is carrying a lot more features and benefits than you’d think it would.

The LG 32LD450 is a thirty two inch 1080p LCD television, offering three different AV modes to adjust settings based on what you plan to do with it (there’s a sports mode, a movie mode and a game mode), as well as the Picture Wizard that helps you adjust your settings manually, 24p Real Cinema mode to further augment the picture as well as Clear Voice II, Infinite Sound, and Dolby Digital to augment the two ten watt speakers. You’ll also get two HDMI inputs, a component input, two composite inputs, an RF input, a PC input, a digital audio output, a USB port and a headphone jack.

This is actually pretty impressive. While the inputs are nothing to write home about–both old and new gear will be equally neglected, and using this as the hub of a home theater system will probably not be a good idea. With only two HDMI ports and three older ones, it’s not going to go well. But it’s got a PC input, which makes it a good choice for a home theater PC display. And both the picture and sound are excellent here, so if you don’t have a lot of components, this might work out nicely for you.

And even better, you’ll be able to get this at Amazon at a pretty steep discount–they’ve marked it down from its original six hundred bucks to $369.98, which is a hefty discount and a very, very good price.

Under the right circumstances, the LG 32LD450 might be just what you’re looking for. If you want a new television with a nice look and a great picture, and on a budget, but you’re not too concerned about getting your peripherals in place, then you might have just what you want right here.