LG 32LD350 Television Review-Decent But Poor Value

And we end our week of looking at LCD televisions with a surprisingly nice, if a bit small, LG that delivers quality, but at a price you might not be so happy about. We’re talking about the LG 32LD350, and though it’s not very big, it’s still pretty nice.

The LG 32LD350 is a thirty two inch 720p LCD television that offers Picture Wizard capability for easy calibration of color levels and the like to get the best picture for your conditions. You’ll also get a variety of AV modes to change levels according to your needs, 24P Real Cinema mode to improve movie playback, Clear Voice II to improve dialogue sound quality, Infinite Sound to improve bass as well as Dolby Digital decoders for audio playback improvement on the two seven watt speakers,A  two HDMI ports, one component input, one composite input, one RF input, one PC input, one PC audio input, one digital audio output, one optical output, one USB port, and a headphone jack.

Dolby Digital can improve most any sound system, and does a pretty nice job of perking up these rather anemic seven watt speakers.A  The picture is pretty decent with its 720p image, which puts it down the ladder in terms of LCD television, but it’s still not bad. And the controls aren’t too tough to work with which gives us a pretty substantial reason to like this.

However, in terms of value, it just can’t compete. We’re talking about a 720p television that’s being retailed at four hundred fifty bucks, and in a lot of places you can walk in off the street and do better with that same kind of money.

So all things considered, yes, the LG 32LD350 is a pretty decent television by itself, but in terms of value, it falls flat. Taking the same kind of money they’re asking for this can get you a lot of hardware looking in other directions.