26 LG40 FCC has recently approved 26LG40 LCD TV. Now the customers will get pleasure finding the latest LG 26L G40 LCD TV/ MONITOR from LG manufacturer. It comes with a plethora of high-end accessories that will deliver higher performance to provide you a great experience with it.

The 26LG40 LCD TV/Monitor comes with HDMI and Auto Configure that automatically adjust the picture position and minimizes image instability. After adjustment, if the image is not set properly, you can adjust it by using manual settings. The picture mode helps the customers to select the factory preset picture that depends on the viewing environment.

The customers can now find the Del/add and fav options in the TV/ monitor, by which they can delete/add or add the channel to their favourite list. You can select the amount of time before your TV turns off automatically.

Therefore the customers can have a good enjoyment and experience of viewing clear pictures with this high-end and well managed LG 26LG40 LCD TV/MONITOR.

Via: FCC