FCC has recently approved LG’s new 22LG3DCH LCD TV/Monitor that allows the users to view the images at wide screen. It is fully packed with high-end features and delivers amazing performance.

The LG 22 DCH TV/ monitor comes with the high-resolution to deliver unique images. The customers can install the included protection cover into the TV. It can easily be connected to many types of equipment with the help of its external equipment set up action. It supports a wall antenna socket or outdoor antenna without a cable box connection. The users can also adjust the direction for optimum picture quality.

The 22DCH LCD TV/ monitor are capable of being controlled by a single-wire with the help of a serial data signal. It also comes with pillow speaker interface that can furnish three control lines and an audio output. Moreover, the customers would get plug and play capability by which the PC can easily adjust automatically to the TV’s settings.

Via: FCC