Lexicon Issues Dual Disc Notice For RT-10 Universal Disc Player

Lexicon has joined the list of DVD, CD and SACD player makers in cautioning consumers about the use of their products with the new Dual Disc format. In the case of Lexicon, the Dual Disc “statement” covers the company’s RT-10 Universal DVD, CD, SACD and DVD-A disc player. The announcement is not a surprise since Lexicon is part of the Harman International family of audio companies and sister company Madrigal Audio Labs has issued a similar notice about the Dual Disc and its Mark Levinson and Proceed branded optical disc players.

Lexicon’s Statement on Using Dual Discs
Lexicon’s statement on their RT-10 Universal Optical Disc player and the new DualDiscs is similar to the one from Madrigal Audio. It recommends that consumers not play Dual Discs on the RT-10 until Lexicon has performed tests on the RT-10 and Dual Disc combination and notes that it will not cover any damage to the RT-10 player if used with a Dual Disc prior to the completion of the tests. Here’s the Lexicon Dual Disc statement:

Statement Regarding the “DualDisc” Format
Recently, there have been several recordings released in the “DualDisc” format, a two-sided disc which is meant to play in both DVD and CD players. Lexicon recommends not using “DualDisc” products with the RT-10 until tests show that no damage will occur to the player or the discs themselves. Any damage to the RT-10 caused by using these discs will not be covered under warranty, and Lexicon will not replace damaged discs. Lexicon will provide an update upon the conclusion of internal testing of these discs. Thank you for your patience while we test this new format.