Leon Speakers Releases New In-Ceiling Speaker Set

Just read about an interesting new set of in-ceiling speakers from Leon Speakers, a company near and dear to yours everfreakintruly as we both reside in the same depressing state of Michigan.

The Leon Speakers Axis AX-61 and AX-81 are in-ceiling speakers aimed at the residential market, for that special kind of audiophile who wants to be able to hear music literally all over the house.  Both subvariety of the Leon Speakers Axis line are housed in fully sealed acoustic enclosures, and they both feature a proprietary technology called A.R.C. (Acoustic Resonance Control) that works to eliminate standing waves and insure the best possible output.

Audiophile grade speakers, of course, are never cheap–the Axis AX-61s weigh in at just shy of four hundred bucks a pop, whilst the AX-81s come in at just under five hundred.  But by the sounds of things–no pun intended–these easy to install speakers should be well worth the cash.