Leon Speakers Enhance Horizon and Profile Speakers Lineup

Recently, Leon Speakers announced that the company has enhanced its Horizon and Profile Series 4-inch product lines with thinner profile and powerful drives without raising the prices.

For more power and increased performance, both the Horizon 414 and Profile 404 Series speakers now feature 4-inch Peerless HDS woofers and a depth of just 3.25 inches. The speakers will let you enjoy Leon Speakers’ custom audio solutions without paying extra for the enhanced performance.

Noah Kaplan, president of Leon Speakers says, "Across the line, all new Horizon and Profile Series 4-inch speakers will include our reference-grade drivers for increased power handling, setting a new standard for high-fidelity audio in modern living-space theaters."

Maintaining their price of just $1,495, the new Horizon and Profile Series speakers are now available nationwide through exclusive network of authorized dealers.