Leon OS Soundbar

Lack of floor area or space where you want a home theater setup to be raised doesn’t have to be a problem. While we still see the assembly of bulging speakers and home theater peripherals, soundbars have become the better alternative as of late.

And the latest soundbar to be noticed is the Leon OS soundbar. Leon Speakers, renowned for their custom-built, on-wall loudspeakers for flat-panel displays, have announced the new OS (over-sized) Soundbar to its Horizon Series. No matter how big is your flat-panel TV, the Leon OS Soundbar is the just right thing.

It can be custom made in 3-05 days to match flat-panel TV screens up to 120 inches. Available in LCR, L/R, and center-only combinations, the OS Soundbar uses speakers up to 6 inches across.

Price: $6,500.00

(Source) DVice