Lenovo ThinkCentre A62 desktop PC


China’s Lenovo has recently announced its new ThinkCentre A62 desktop PC. Designed to reduce your power bills with low energy consumption and to provide an ease on IT administrators, this new PC is undoubtedly one of the cheapest and most advanced PCs.

“IT departments, especially in the business world, don’t like change," said Lenovo’s executive director for global desktop marketing, in a statement. "The new ThinkCentre A62 was built to provide business customers with longer PC buying cycles. It combines top-notch performance, manageability, and environmental responsibility in a high value machine."

Lenovo A62 Desktop PC will begin shipping with a 160 GB hard drive, 16x DVD-ROM, 1 GB of RAM and gigabit Ethernet. This new PC from Lenovo has been built around a 15-watt AMD Althon X2 5000M AM2 CPU that runs at 2.6 GHz. To start off with, this system will be shipped with Dash 1.1 that enables users to manage the system remotely.

Via: Press