Lenovo L1700p and L1940 Desktop LCD Displays

Lenovo has launched its new Desktop LCD Displays to cut Wattage. These new monitors utilize only 30 to 60% electricity than previous models. With the assistance of LED backlighting technology, the LCD displays use less electricity.

The latest LCD displays provide users an extremely big work field using only 29 watts of electricity meanwhile usual operations than conventional compact flaming for enlightenment.

The Lenovo LCD displays support 1,000:1 contrast ratio along with five millisecond reaction times. The displays also incorporate with high resolution up to 1920 x 1200, built-in USB ports, as well as the DisplayPort Technology.

Two of Lenovo displays including L1700p and L1940 wide will put on sale by September 2008, while the rest including L1940p wide, L2240p wide, and L2440x wide will be debuted in October. The price will range from $240 (for L1700p) to $750 (for L240x wide