Leica Announced Pradovit D-1200 Projector

Looking for a new projector? Leica has announced a new one, the Pradovit D-1200, which is its first digital projector display. The Pradovit D-1200 is a 16:10 WXUGA digital projector, ready to be taken everywhere. The projector comes with fancy features like that Leica lens and that image reproduction from Pixelworks DNX 30-bit video processing MotionEngine.

That Leica lens is a Leica VARIO-ELMARIT-P 1:2.8-3.1/33-42 mm/59 mm-74 mm zoom lens with 120% vertical lens shift. You’ll have a hard time remembering that, but if you’re a hardcore professional, you might already know the specs by heart. The projector will get you a 2,000 lumens brightness and a 2,500:1 contrast ratio. There’s a TI DMD-0.98-inch DLP, 6-segment color wheel technology working underneath that case together with a Philips 220W FusionPlus VIDI UHP bulb ready to get you 3,000 hours of standard applications or 4,000 hours of power-save mode applications.

And I’ll have to tell you one last thing, the price. This DLP projector costs $12,000 so you’d better start saving for one. Or get a good sponsor to buy it for you!

via leica