LCD TV Demand Soaring; Revenues Falling

The demand continues to increase for the LCD TV market. In what is practically the same as the first quarter storm for the demand for LCD TVs, the market shares for it jumped from 62% to 67% as more people have shifted towards the LCD technology for home entertainment needs.

But the same could not be said as revenues have continued to dip. As consumers continue to select lower priced and best buy devices and gadgets, the TV market revenues have shown continued depreciation as customers try to be afloat with the continued global crisis.

Samsung remained the global brand share leader in revenues with a record revenue share of 23.0% and also hitting a record unit share of 18.2%. LGE remained at number 2 after surpassing Sony in the first quarter of this year. Sony held the #3 brand position worldwide in revenues, although losing a little more than a point on shares.

These figures were taken from the Quarterly Global TV Shipment and Forecast Report.

(Source) Press