LCD Price Fixing Conspiracy? LG and Chunghwa Picture Tubes to Go to Jail?

There’s nothing wrong with a little LCD price fixing is there? Or that’s what some LG and Chunghwa Picture Tube execs thought. They have confessed to being involved in it and now they will enter a plea agreement with the US Department of Justice. Chang Suk Chung (LG), Chieng-Hon “Frank” Lin (Chunghwa), Chih-Chun “C.C.” Liu (Chunghwa) and Hsueh-Lung “Brian” Lee (Chunghwa) will assist the government in its TFT-LCD investigation. As a reward they will be entitled to a fine visit behind bars and some fines will have to be paid too. Will other heads roll? Most likely! What’s in it for now? That sense of absolute justice? Shouldn’t we get some money back for that overpriced HDTVs? Cheaper prices in the future?