Latest Denon DVD-A1 Specifications

Detailed Denon DVD-A1 preliminary specifications were today supplied to High Fidelity Review by Denon’s UK public and media relations consultants.

The DVD-A1 is the region 2 version of the Denon DVD-9000, a unit SMR Group first reported upon from the Consumer Electronics Show (Las Vegas) in January. When it becomes available next month, the DVD-A1 will become one of the few consumer combination DVD-Audio/Video players capable of outputting both stereo and multi-channel DVD-Audio content digitally, via a proprietary Denon interface between it and Denon’s AVC-A1SR and upgraded AVC-A1SE receivers.

The DVD-A1 will be priced at Ј2,500. Preliminary details as supplied by Denon UK are as follows:

Thorough Vibration-resistant Designs
Since the high-density data recorded on DVD must be read with absolute accuracy, vibrations from outside or from internal sources such as the power unit will adversely affect sound and picture quality. A variety of designs have been incorporated in the DVD-A1 to suppress these unwanted vibrations. The bottom plate forming the foundation of the chassis is a 6-mm thick, 4-layer hybrid construction made up of a 1.2-mm thick copper-plated metal sheet and three layers of 1.6-mm metal sheets. Large insulators of sintered alloy (the same type used in Denon’s high-end S1 series) have been used for the DVD-A1’s feet to absorb external vibrations. Reinforcing plates for the base, front, and rear and four 1.2-mm thick copper-plated sheets have been used in a 3-box construction to strengthen the chassis. The chassis also uses copper plating to bring the ground electric potential of the overall chassis close to ‘equipotential’ in order to suppress electrical noise. The top cover uses three types of 1.2-mm thick metal sheets in different shapes, while 2.5-mm thick aluminium panels have been used for the sides, giving rigidity to the entire chassis. The DVD mechanism is mounted on a cast-aluminium base between the mechanism and the chassis. Parts made of different materials effectively absorb vibrations caused by the unit itself as well as from outside to ensure stable operation.

THX Ultra Certified
The THX Ultra standards comprise three basic categories of tests; Audio Quality, Video Quality and User Interface. These tests ensure that the DVD Player is fully capable of bring out the best visual and sonic quality of your favourite DVD programs. The DVD-A1 has passed those stringent standards.

Newly-Developed Loading Mechanism for Suppression of Vibrations
The newly-developed mechanism unit uses a guide and tray painted with protein material that is highly resistant to vibrations in order to prevent unwanted vibrations to the tray.

New PureProgressive Circuit
The DVD-A1’s interlace/progressive converter is the new Progressive 504 Converter with PureProgressive circuitry from Silicon Image. The Progressive Converter features faster moving picture detection and improved mode recognition capability. High-speed processing: This Progressive Converter is capable of processing 6 billion operations per second, giving reality to the following high performance. Moving picture detection: Since PureProgressive is also adept at 2:3 pulldown detection, which converts Film recording mode to TV/Video playback mode, and detecting Video mode signals of DVD-Video and other moving picture formats, PureProgressive is capable of reproducing DVD-Video discs containing both Film mode and Video mode signals, as well as high picture quality Progressive video sources, while avoiding the flickering caused by detection delays. In detecting moving video signals, the conventional Progressive method performs detection in single frame units, while PureProgressive stores 4 fields of video signals in a 64-Mbit SDRAM buffer, enabling the detection of single-pixel units to achieve greater precision in discriminating between moving and still pictures.

2:3 pulldown detection: In 2:3 pulldown processing which converts 24-fps Film mode into 60-fps TV/Video mode, there are cases in which 2:3 pulldown sync signals are not in sync. The PureProgressive converter thus quickly detects the non-sequential points and performs appropriate corrective measures at high speed to minimize picture flickering.

14-bit, 108-MHz Video D/A Converter
The DVD-A1 uses a 14-bit, 108-MHz video D/A converter to tap the maximum potential of the new PureProgressive circuit’s performance. The DVD-A1 also uses two independent D/A converters for Progressive and Interlaced picture reproduction. These converters provide a very high sampling frequency of 108 MHz, with 4Ч oversampling used for Progressive and 8Ч oversampling for Interlaced operation, resulting in more detailed D/A conversion. Since a filter with ample cut-off characteristics can also be used for the analogue low-pass filter, the DVD-A1 reproduces the delicate nuances of video signals, allowing viewers to enjoy the original picture at a high level of fidelity.

Noise Shaving Video (NSV)
The NSV feature reduces noise in the video signal frequency band in order to enhance video signal linearity.

Brilliant Black
DVD-A1 can pass below black video via the video outputs for correct monitor set-up and optimum picture quality.

Super Sub Alias Filter
The S/N ratio can be improved when unwanted signals of higher than 6.75 MHz following D/A conversion are cut. The DVD-A1 thus uses a Super Sub Alias Filter that produces flat characteristics, ensuring that adverse influences do not affect video signals inside the essential frequency band, and folding noise is eliminated. In the DVD-A1, the Super Sub Alias Filter is applied to the chroma signal as well as the luminance signal, improving colour reproducibility.

A Wealth of Picture Quality Adjustment Functions
Contrast, Brightness, Hue, Sharpness, and Gamma can be adjusted as desired by the user.

AL24 Processing Plus
Denon has further developed its proprietary AL24 Processing analogue waveform reproduction technology to support the 192-kHz sampling frequency. This new technology, AL24 Processing Plus, thoroughly suppresses quantisation noise associated with D/A conversion of LPCM signals to reproduce the low-level signals with optimum clarity and bring out all the delicate nuances of a rich, musical sound.

24-bit, 192-kHz Audio D/A Converters
The DVD-A1 uses high-performance 24-bit, 192-kHz D/A converters to faithfully convert high-quality 24-bit data generated by AL24 Processing Plus.

Pure Direct Mode
The DVD-A1 includes a Pure Direct mode that further improves sound quality. During pure audio output, Pure Direct mode turns off digital signal output, video signal output, and displays that easily influence analogue audio signals and allows only audio output. The user can define which operations are to be turned off and store those preferences in memory.

Layout for High Sound Quality
The DVD-A1’s audio, video, digital, and power supply circuit boards have been isolated into independent blocks to prevent mutual interference.

Independent Power Supplies
Independent power supplies have been provided for the audio signal processing block, the video signal block and other areas to eliminate mutual distortion with other blocks. Clean supplies of power to the various circuits contribute to high picture and sound quality.

Bass Management
When playing multi-channel Dolby Digital, LPCM or MLP sources, it is possible to preset speaker configurations and delay times.

Denon Digital Link
When the DVD-A1 is connected via a shielded twisted pair (STP) cable to a Denon Link compliant A/V receiver such as the AVC-A1SR or upgraded AVC-A1SE, the Denon Link interface enables high-grade LPCM 24-bit / 96-kHz / 6-channel or 24-bit / 192-kHz / 2-channel* digital output. Since Denon Link uses low-voltage differential signalling (LVDS), transfer capabilities of greater than 1.2 Gbps at a differential voltage of approximately 0.3 Vpp are possible. And since signal transfer is balanced and voltage is lower than coaxial or unbalanced transfers, LVDS is less susceptible to noise such as radiation, ensuring high-grade signal transfer.

HDCD Decoder
Does exactly what it says on the tin… [HFR]

MP3 / JPEG Playback*
Since the DVD-A1 supports the CD-R/RW format, it plays finalised CD-R/RW discs containing MP3 audio files. It also reads still photos in the JPEG format taken by a digital camera.

RS-232C Port
Enables third-party system control.

Self-illuminated GLO-KEY Remote Controller
With Recognition Layout. The DVD-A1 comes equipped with a self-illuminating remote controller for easy operation in a dark room.


  • Compatible with: DVD Audio, DVD Video, Video-CD, CD-DA, CD-R/RW (audio/MP3/JPEG)
  • 2 Ч composite video outputs
  • 2 Ч S-Video outputs
  • 1 Ч component video output
  • 2 Ч analogue front L/R outputs
  • 1 Ч 6.1 analogue output array
  • 1 Ч optical S/P-DIF digital output
  • 1 Ч coaxial electrical S/P-DIF digital output
  • 1 Ч Denon Link digital output
  • 1 Ч optical S/P-DIF digital input
  • 1 Ч coaxial electrical S/P-DIF digital input
  • Power supply AC 240V, 50Hz
  • Dimensions: 434 Ч 136 Ч 395mm (W Ч H Ч D)
  • Weight: 18.5kg

Download a large front panel image (386kb)

Denon DVD-A1 DVD-Audio/Video PlayerDenon DVD-A1 DVD-Audio/Video Player