Lanye N70 Cellphone with Mini Projector

All the way from China comes an interesting cellphone with a built-in micro projector. The last time we mentioned a product of this kind a couple of days ago, while talking about the NTT DoCoMo prototype.

Anyway, the Lanye N70 resembles a Nokia cellphone design-wise (on the front at least) and has the same codename as the popular Nokia N70. Too many similarities are not good and in this case the word “copycat” comes to mind. The Lanye handset includes a 2.4-inch touchscreen, 2 speakers, and the micro projector can provide an image that measures 30-inches.

On top of the bluetooth connectivity, it is a dual band GSM phone and uses Twin 1800mAh lithium ion batteries.

The Lanye N70 is available online for $345.