Lantic Systems Gold RC1 Remote Control

gold-rc1.jpgLantic Systems, which is specialized in developing high end integrated entertainment systems, recently introduced the most expensive remote control specially designed in pure gold named as Gold RC1 Remote Control at the METS 2007 EXHIBITION held at Netherlands. This would reach the users in December this year and would be priced at USD 30.000, making it the most expensive in comparison to the standard remote control retailing from USD 1050. This remote reminds one of an ash tray.

The Gold RC1 from Lantic Systems provides the sleek form factor and is designed in cool metallic finish and comes in a user-friendly functioning. The Gold RC1 in function facilitates control over TV/video/dvd, music/CD, internet, e-mail, CCTV, burglary alarm, lights, curtains, air-conditioning and inspection of navigation systems etc. This is an exclusive technology which is equivalent the other integrated state-of-the-art management and entertainment systems. To know more details of the product stay tuned with us till our next updation….

Via: Press