LAMM Industries LL2.1 Tube Preamplifier

LAMM Industries LL2.1 Tube Preamplifier Lamm Industries, Inc. is all set to present its new LL2.1 preamplifier at this year’s CES. The LL2.1 is the next generation of the original LL2, the first to stand in the line of vacuum tube. As compared to the LL2, the LL2.1 features an array of upgrades and modifications.

The LL2.1 comes integrated with a built-in remote for easy on/off function. For gain reduction by 15 dB, Lamm has introduced attenuator. Besides, it has been added with some new parts, new knobs and slight changes have been done to its schematic diagram. To deliver the most natural sound performance, it features a topology. It employs a pure class A operation from input to output. Other outstanding features include 3 inputs, front panel muting switch and protection circuitry.

Available in two versions, standard and deluxe, both the versions of LL2.1 utilizes identical chassis, PC-board and parts. The suggested US retail for the standard and deluxe version is $5,690.00 and $5,990.00, respectively.