LaCie 730 Color LCD Display


LaCie has proudly launched its innovative and high-quality 730 Color LCD Display. The 730 display supports pioneering RGB-LED backlight technology, which delivers red, green and blue primaries.

The latest LaCie 730 display incorporates with advanced S-PVA-LCD panel technology that can deliver profound blacks, superior contrast, as well as outstanding viewing angles all across its significant 30-inch oblique.

Some Specifications of LaCie 730 LCD Display:

  • Maximum Resolution: 2560 x 1600
  • Display Area: 25.24 x 15.78 x 641.3 x 400.8mm
  • Color: 16.77 million
  • Video Inputs: DVI-D 24pin
  • Technology: S-PVA

Apart from these, the high-end 730 display comes with 14-bit gamma correction, as well as ColorKeeper backlight stabilizer to supply wonderful angle picture and steady presentation across time.

Additionally, it supports LaCie’s Blue Eye Pro Proof Edition Software. It makes the display excellent for proficient color-critical applications including soft-proofing.

Via: LaCie