Krell Releases Surround Sound Amp Processors

Banking on the demand for quality audio delivery, Krell Industries has announced initial shipments of its S-1200 surround preamp processors. Priced at a whopping $10,000, the S-1200 release culminates more than two years of design work and is the latest addition to the Krell HMI 1.3 capable surround sound processor lineup.

Coupling Krell preamplifier technology, state of the art digital processing, and the latest in HDMI 1.3 surround formats, the S-1200 is an ideal centerpiece for any high performance music and home theater system. Based on award-winning preamplifier technology, all eight S-1200U analog output stages are built to the same exacting standard and feature balanced and single-ended cable connections.

With the growing demand that people put in home theater audio for better in-home entertainment, this new support from Krell Industries should be a big boost in the right direction. Though it will cost a lot in terms of pricing, you just have to pay for top class performing audio products as wanted which should be worth the investment.

Suggested Retail Price: S-1200: $10,000, S-1200U: $12,000 MSRP

(Source) Home Theater Review