Korean 3D TV Broadcasts Imminent

It seems that while everyone is speculating on the plight of 3D television viewing, Korea is on the verge of delivering it. However, this will only be within their borders basing it on this announcement from the Korea Communications Commission that they plan to start showing 3D broadcasts sometime in mid-2010. Among the companies in Korea planning to break the ice is CJ Hello Vision which is set to offer 3D content via video-on-demand in the coming weeks. They are targeting about 300 households and plan to balloon that to 1,000 by 2012. Viewers will need yet another set-top box to view 3D content likely limited to “cartoons” at first. No word yet on how much they will charge but expect some trial runs and offerings to spur up the demand. At least they are moving into the 3D viewing era already right?

(Source) Engadget