Knolls architectural in wall speaker lines 2009

Knoll Systems recently came up with redesigned in wall speaker lines which are a combination of high performance and versatility. The mini Series speakers include models SML 2 and SML3 and the 8Ohms Alta series include speakers SRA5, SRA6 and SRA8. The mura series boast its speakers SDM 5, SDM6 and SDM8. The SRZ 5, SRZ6, SSZ 5 and SSZ 6 constitute the Zante series.

The mini series speakers feature an Acou-seal speaker design with Weather Humidity resistant Poly cones. The Alta in ceiling line directs the well balanced sound with its low energy controls. The mura series facilitates the serious listeners with its D’Appolito design and Knoll IR receiver eye. The Zante series with Titanium-tint polypropylene woofer cone feature Tilting Neo-Titanium dome tweeter for high performance.

While the mini Series SML2 is priced at $124.99, the SML3 is priced at $149.99. The 5-1/4” In-Ceiling SRA5, 6-1/2” In-Ceiling SRA6 and 8” In-Ceiling SRA8 are available for $199.99, $249.99, $279.99 respectively. Also the Mura series SDM5, SDM6 and SDM8 are priced at $299.99, $399.99 and $499.99 respectively. The SRZ 5, SRZ6, SSZ 5 and SSZ 6 are priced at $124.99, $169.99, $124.99 and $149.99 respectively.

Via: Press