Klipsch RoomGroove Docking System For The iPod

Not a week goes when an iPod related product doesn’t show up! No complaints from me but hey I am sure Zune must be feeling left out!  Another iPod music dock to make its debut is the Klipsch RoomGroove speaker system which is actually a transceiver system. So what does that mean? Well simply put it can receive music wirelessly from he Klipsch CS-700 DVD Entertainment System as well as transmit audio to other RoomGrooves.

The RoomGroove includes dual 2.5-inch high-output woofers, crossover networks and dual MicroTractrix Horn-loaded tweeters. The dock which is hidden has charging capabilities and one also come across an an auxiliary input and comes with wall mounting hardware and an IR remote control. The system should retail for $349 around April!