Klipsch Room Groove Wireless Speaker


FCC has recently approved the latest Klipsch Room Groove Wireless Speaker using wireless KipschCast™ Technology. It can broadcast and accept CD-quality audio signals to and from other KlipschCast apparatus.

The Room Grave wireless speaker comes with an iPod® port and secondary input for connecting your most favourite equipments to enjoy them locally anywhere in your room with ease. It is basically designed to work with Apple universal Well inserts.

The Room Grove is a two-way stereo sound system that incorporates two large-fling woofers and two MicroTractrix™ Hom-loaded tweeters in ported attachments. You can get a wonderful music experience with accuracy with this wireless speaker.

The customers can easily connect it to an auxiliary device with the help of its integrated 3.5mm stereo auxiliary input feature. You can plug the power cord into the rear of the RoomGrave and then into usual wall channel. The customers can also have access to CD/DVD drive and AM/FM tuner of the cinema system connected to the KlipschCast network.

It is expected that the Klipsch Room Groove Wireless Speaker would be cheaper cost and you can buy it to have a wonderful sound experience in your home. So avail it soon with one year warranty!

Via: FCC