Klipsch Quintet Home Theater System Review-Powerful, Pricey, and Downright Bizarre

A little something unusual for you today, folks–we’re continuing on with our look at home theater systems and today we’ve set upon the Klipsch Quintet, a five speaker setup that costs an arm and a leg for reasons I’m not a hundred percent sure on.

The Klipsch Quintet is a two hundred seventy five, five channel home theater system that offers up four satellite speakers and a center channel speaker. It offers up the standard Klipsch sound along with a specialized Horn Technology for improved sound, the XT Micro-Tractix Horn tweeter system, and a variety of wall mounts and swivel bases included for better positioning capability.

And that’s pretty much all of it. No subwoofer, no receiver, not much of anything aside from these five speakers. But it’s still, surprisingly, a good system because the speakers sound really good. I mean, really good. Like on par with Bose good. I’ve always been blown away by Bose hardware, but this set of Klipsch speakers seems to be just about as good. Sure, it’s got minimal utility due to sheer lack of parts, but still, it’s really rather impressive.

And it’d have to be, considering that the folks out at Amazon want fully five hundred forty nine dollars for this setup.

You can do better–there are some great quality Bose pieces and others that don’t cost near this much, but the Klipsch Quintet is a beauty all the same.