Klipsch KL-7502-THX LCR and KS-7502-THX Surround In-ceiling Speakers

Klipsch has recently expanded the all-new premium category to its custom installation business with the new THX Ultra2 in-ceiling speakers. Its latest KL-7502-THX LCR and KS-7502-THX surround models bring in a fresh look while sticking to the company’s horn-loaded design principles.

You get to enjoy great sound effect from KL-7502-THX that makes as a perfect left, center and right main channel speaker. Employing dual 5.25-inch Cerametallic woofers, it is capable of operating in an enclosed tuned-port chamber. It comes with a 1-inch titanium tweeter in a patented 60-90-110-degree horn featuring Variable Coverage Technology or VCT that allows the speaker to create localized sound fields and precise imaging.

On the other hand, the KS-7502-THX makes use of the same low-frequency driver design and crossover networks as the LCR. The difference lies in the top end, where the dual 1-inch titanium horn-loaded tweeters lie in a patented vertically stacked Wide Dispersion Surroung Technology array to produce a seamless and smooth broad distribution of sound.

"Both premium priced products, the KL-7502-THX and KS-7502-THX are now our top-of-the-line in-ceiling speakers, bringing superior sound performances to larger sized rooms," said Casavant. "While conventional in-ceiling speakers rarely "fool" listeners into believing the sound is coming directly at them, our THX Ultra2 models break the mold by providing articulate detail, powerful impact and excellent localization."

Both these models, KL-7502-THX and KS-7502-THX are available at a price of $ 1000 each. These models can be purchased through the residential contracting market.

Via: Press