Klipsch iGroove HG speaker for iPod


All the music lovers will long for iGroove all-in-one HG speaker for iPod from Klipsch. It lets the users convert MP3 players to high performance entertainment centers. These glossy black-finished speakers fill your room with audiophile-quality sound. While the Amazing room filling sound is the result of horn technology, the integrated handle makes it simple to operate.

Based on crossover frequency of 2.9KHz and an acoustic output of 98dB, the speaker features a Class D amplifier. The 4.6lbs weighing speaker operates on 120V. iGroove HG speakers featuring dual 1-inch MicroTractrix Horn-loaded tweeters, 2.5” woofers and Infrared handheld remote control work very well with all MP3 player brands and gadgets with audio out and headphone jack.

Plug in the speaker, pop in an iPod and click play and you are all set to land up in an entirely different world of music. With no word of mouth on price, Klipsch leaves you guessing.

Via: Klipsch