Klipsch HD Theater 1000

Everyone is talking about the much celebrated shift from analog to digital TV although it does not cover all. But just the same, people are making moves to invest in new HDTV sets. Just in case you haven’t found one yet, here are some great HDTV solutions (with pricing) from Klipsch.

The HD Theater 1000 ($899.99) is shipping now, while the HD Theater 500 ($599.99 U.S.) and HD Theater 300 ($399.99 U.S.) will launch in March and April respectively. These three products are among the lowest priced 5.1 home theater packages in the company’s history.

According to Mike Klipsch, Klipsch brand president, even though these HD Theater systems are easy on the pocketbook that doesn’t mean they don’t perform like a classic Klipsch product. “We’ve taken our decades of research and development experience to value engineer these systems, while staying true to our audiophile heritage. They utilize durable, high-quality components and undergo rigorous testing before leaving the factory. They also use the same state-of-the-art horn-loaded technology that has made Klipsch an industry leader for over 60 years.”

(Source) Press