Kinesis Announces First-Ever Fully Adaptable Ergonomic Keyboard

Kinesis Corporation recently launched industry’s first ergonomic adaptable Freestyle Solo keyboard. Specifically designed for home and computer users, the keyboard augments the productivity and comfort of the user.

According to Kinesis President and CEO Will Hargreaves, PhD, “Our vision for the Freestyle keyboard has been a modular design to address the majority of user needs ranging from the mainstream to the specialized.” Hargreaves added, “With the addition of the simple to use and inexpensive Freestyle V3 three-angle tenting accessory, and the versatile Ascent Multi-tent accessory, we have met our objectives for this product family.”

Both the keying modules are connected by optional flexible Pivot Tether. When the Pivot Tether is not used, the modules can be separated up to 8-inches. An optional palm support enables you to enjoy a stable typing platform. The compact keyboard allows easy mousing movements.

Accessories like V3 and ascent kits complete the package. While V3 clips are attached to base of keyboard giving it a slope of 5,10 and 15 degrees, the Ascent Multi-tent accessory facilitates keyboard tenting. Get home the Mac and PC version of the keyboard by shelling out $24.95.

Via: Press