KinEmote makes Windows work directly with the Kinect

We talked about how Google played a joke on us with Gmail Motion, and how someone used a computer and Kindle to create SLOOW, which is essentially that. I believe that the acronym shows how serious it is, but the people at Lateral Flux are serious about this with KinEmote.

You can watch the video above to see how simple gestures instead of large waving will create a method of clicking and dragging without a mouse. This allows the user to sit down in front of the computer to use it without the mouse, but it doesn’t look like a keyboard is an option.

KinEmote shows the direction that we as a species are really going. Just imagine coming home and just waving at your home theater to see what your television has to tell you as far as messages are concerned. Then there is the fun of playing Angry birds, or surfing through YouTube videos.

If you’re interested in the KinEmote, it is available as a free beta download now. All that is needed is a Kinect and Windows 7 PC.