Kinect is being used in Medical Research for OCD and ADD children

I know that we have seen a lot of terrific Kinect hacks in the past with the gesture-based remote, the one that controls the lights, and the one for controlling the Roomba.

As we have said before, Microsoft must have known that the Kinect would create such a ripple as their record-breaking product is now being used medically.

I’m not talking about a way to play games, but a way of monitoring children being diagnosed with OCD and ADD. Apparently, they have given up a $100,000 system for something that is essentially a tweaked version of the Kinect. I’m not certain how it works, but it probably has something to do with the monitoring of movement and voice.

The doctor has just won a grant of three million dollars in order to pursue more research in observing and analyzing abnormal movements and behaviors in children. Let’s hope that there will be some great developments in this.