Kicker Studio Gesture Control Entertainment System

3D Gesture Control System

In recent years there has been an increasing effort to create 3D computer interfaces and televisions. Now, it may be time for the television to see us -in 3D. Since 1999, Canesta has been working on a range of low-cost, chip-based 3-D sensors that can be built into just about anything – from TVs and PCs to cars – and now the technology has filtered into real-world applications like Kicker Studio’s gesture control entertainment system. Canesta’s new perception technology chips can “see” three dimensionally in real time.

A thrilling application for this technology is now being showcased by Kicker Studio in an entertainment system that is controlled by gestures. The entertainment system can react to a number of gestures to allow control of audio and video content such as fast forward, channel change and play back. Amazingly, it can also be sensitive enough to a single control master in a room with many individuals so no more fighting over the remote control. (Photo: Kicker Studios and Gizmag).