Kenwood SZ-3MD-W Mini Audio System


Kenwood recently released its new series of the SZ-3MD-W Mini Audio Systems. The ear-splitting device brags of some stunning features including a reader CD and a reader MANDELEVIUM along with a power of 2?20W. Hands-on the audio system for a rocking experience. It is available for in 37,000? only but in Japan only…

Kenwood SZ-3MD-W Mini Audio System has an Amplifier section Utility installed capacity 20W+20W (JEITA 4 ?). You can also record sound thanks to sound recording output terminal equipped in the audio system. It consumes 55W of electric power.

Its 2 way speaker systems feature 40mm cone type tweeter and 100mm cone type woofer. Besides playing CD-R/RW, you can also tune in to your favourite FM channel. The audio system is accompanied by a remote control.

Via: Kenwood