Kenwood DP-K1000-N CD Player

.Along with R-K1000-N Receiver, Kenwood is also selling DP-K1000-N CD Player priced 40,950 Yen from Late November. The CD Player houses D.P.A.C. Circuit and advanced D/A converter. Kenwood DP-K1000-N CD Player features Power supply voltage AC100V and 50/60Hz. It consumes 11W electric power. Weighing (approximately) 3.4kg the Player has a frequency characteristic 8Hz – 20kHz (JEITA), Signal-noise ratio above 105dB (JEITA), Dynamic range above 100dB (JEITA), Comprehensive distortion factor 0.005% or less (JEITA), Channel separation above 100dB (JEITA) and Output level/impedance output 2V/100?. Kenwood DP-K1000-N delivers playback of CD, CD-R and CD-RW (the CD-DA format). It also supports (MP3/WMA/AAC) CD-R.

Via: Kenwood