Kenwood CR-iP500: Radio with iPod Dock

Kenwood has presented yet another iPod dock, but this time it is different because it has additional specs that make it worth the $270.

The CR-iP500 can playback MP3 and WMA files thanks to the CD player, or alternatively you can use the USB2.0 connection. It also has an iPod dock with controls located on the Kenwood device. The other alternative to listen to audio is the FM tuner, which is able to save 30 station presets. But the most important functionality, is the ability to rip audio CDs into a USB flash drive in MP3 format, and you can even pick the sample rate that goes from the low 96kbps to the high 256kbps.

The sound comes from the 3.15-inch speakers with 5W of “sound power”.