Kenwin KW-1008 Wireless Speaker FCC Aproved

FCC has recently approved iSymphony’s Kenwin KW-1008 wireless speaker that supports playback of songs in CD-audio, MP3 and windows media formatted Audio (WMA). You can purchase the wireless speakers to enjoy great sound experience!

The users can play music from the iPod using the iPod Dock through the unit’s speakers and can easily operate them with the remote control. It comes with eight detachable dock adapters to ensure the appropriate fit for your iPod and to help diminish pressure on the connector when operating the iPod.

The Kenwin KW-1008 wireless speaker comes with repeat playback option that helps the users to incessantly repeat a solitary track or the entire disc with ease. It can be easily activated during playback or while the player is stopped. The Random playback feature permits you to play all the tracks on the disc in random order.

The customers can load an MP3/WMA CD and the player will read each of the directions on the disc that too at one time and display the number of directions and the increasing number of tracks. It comes with the memory card slot that enables playback of songs only in MP3 and WMA formats.

Via: FCC