KEF PicoForte for iPod


KEF, renowned British manufacturer of audiophile-quality speakers, has launched on this Sepetmeber new PicoForte™ Series, which is two outstandingly compact iPod solutions, and each of them featuring a docking station, amplification module, and a pair of award-winning KHT Series speakers. Two systems have come to the market and they are the PicoForte 1 and the PicoForte 3.

The main features of Compact sized PicoForte™ Series includes die-cast metal loudspeaker enclosures having high quality feel and acoustically inert resulting in superior performance, Uni-Q “sit-anywhere” speaker technology,output for optional subwoofer,compatible with all iPods and all other MP3 players along with iPod adaptors, full TV screen display along with option of playing music, photos and videos, powerful, audiophile quality and class D amplifiers supplied with “credit card” style remote control controlling the iPod, Robust die-cast zinc docking/amplifier enclosures, multiple language support facility etc.

The KEF PicoForte 1 and PicoForte 3 are fixed with the retail price of $349.99 and $599.99 respectively.

Via: VPO