KEF Muon Speakers

.KEF’S Senior Acoustic Engineer Andrew Wilson says “We wanted to take our technology to the limit and develop it further”. UK based Ross Lovegrove, an eminent designer, brought out his engineering marvel by bringing forth his revolutionary brilliant looking KEF Muon loudspeakers constructed from super-formed aluminum.

“Beauty is short-lived”. These beautiful speakers will be available only to lucky hundreds as conforming to the demand of fashion and price; the company will only produce limited sets. These high-end speakers will surely grab the attention of both consumers as well as designers. KEF Muon loudspeakers are 2 meters high and weigh 115 kilos (253 pounds).

The great art work constructed with six-foot block of solid aluminum using computer-aided manufacturing has become a sensation. It is rumored that famous singer Robbie Williams has already ordered KEF Muon for him. But be careful if you don’t have much to spend as they will cost you around ?70,000 ($140,500 USD).

Via: KEF