Kef hts1001 stands



It your tastes gravitate towards more modern pieces, then the HTS1001’s will be a great match. Sturdy bases and sleek lines make this an overall winning package. The stands are just different enough to make them stand out without being so different that they act as a distraction.

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KEF a brand worth further consideration

KEF offers a sleek and stylish design paired with sturdy bases.

I am somewhat leery of pillar style satellite speaker stands; they tend to be rather unstable, and easily knocked over by a pet. So, when I received the KEF HTS1001 speaker stand (designed to be paired with KEF HTS1001 satellite speakers) I was surprised at the hefty weight of the box. I checked the shipping manifest and found that these bad boys tipped the scale at just over 20 pounds. My curiosity was piqued and I quickly opened the box to see if these weighty pillar stands would meet my growing expectations.

What I found, after removing many layers of packaging that would have made ancient Egyptians proud, was a set of slender speaker stands clad in a piano black finish. The base is round and thick, almost like a bubble coming up out of the floor and running upwards from there is a slim pole that the speaker attaches to at the top. This is definitely a minimalist look.

Setup of these stands was nice and simple- just pop a few joints into place and you’re done. There is nothing like things that are easy to put together!

The most important test I could think of running was one to evaluate their ability to stay vertical. After some careful consideration I tied a toy mouse to a string, taped the whole thing to the shaft of the stand, and let the cat loose. Five minutes later the stand was still standing and my cat was bored. That is always a good sign.

Personally, I was not too familiar with the KEF brand prior to using these speaker stands but from what I have seen here, the brand definitely deserves more research. They have a large selection of premium speakers, all styled in an upscale manner that I look forward to testing out.

A stylish black grand piano finish or the optional matt silver finish and extreme sturdiness makes these speaker stands a great value. No longer does the 5.1 surround sound owner have to be concerned about inadequate pillar speakers toppling as soon as someone breathes in their direction.

Technical Info:

Item Length: 12 inches

Item Height: 6 inches

Item Width: 40 inches

Item Weight: 20 pounds

MSRP: $150

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