Kaleidescape Movie Players


Kaleidescape, Inc. recently launched two movie players 1080p Player and 1080p Mini Player capable of producing spectacular video quality from ordinary DVDs. Delivering an unforgettable viewing experience which rivals the Blu-Ray, the 1U rack mount movie players can be placed anywhere in your home.

“The new Kaleidescape Movie Player produces the best quality video I have ever seen from any source device,” said David Raife, owner of Paragon Technology Group with offices in Aspen, Vail and Steamboat Springs, Colorado. “It makes DVDs look absolutely beautiful.”

The movie player upscales ordinary DVD content to 1080p video output offering accurate colors and exceptional clarity. You can control the import of DVDs and CDs with the help of Import button on front panel. Its small size and silent operation allows you to install it anywhere in your room. Attach it to any surface with the help of mounting bracket. The video processing of the players adjust itself according to the type of content resulting in extraordinary output.

Put the CD or DVD in and get detailed information about movie and start watching it when you press Play Movie button. These advanced playback features make it more usable. While you can get home 1080p Player now, you will get hands on 1080p Mini Player in second half of July. The price is still kept hidden from all.

Via: Press