JVC Upgrades DLA-RS2 projector

JVC has announced and the upgraded version of its high-end DLA-RS2 projector. The projector is jam-packed with RSAL2 anamorphic lens, as well as RSVP2 processor. It is capable of providing users with high-quality 2.35 Cinemascope® movie viewing experience.

The RSAL2 anamorphic lens enables the projector to perform well. With the assistance of powerful lens, the DLA-RS2 projector provides excellent resolution up to 1920 x 1080. The RSVP2 is a high-end 1080p THX and ISF certified processor. It comes with good connections for HDMI 1.3 inputs, a variety of analog and PC inputs, and anamorphic lens.

The JVC DLA-RS2 projector also supports a home theater system with multiple features to deliver excellent performance. It is a superb and unique device for audio/video professionals, as well as home theater admirers. It delivers brilliant and sharp images at contrast ratio of 30,000:1.

The DLA-RS2 projector also supports HDMI 1.3, enhanced color version by lengthening the color space, a motorized Fujinon 2x zoom lens, on-screen gamma control and center line case design. The projector is capable of offering the wonderful experience.

The JVC DLA-RS2 projector is just available at a suggested price of $8,995.