JVC Unveils New Blu-Ray Recorders for U.S. Market

JVC has revealed two new Blu-ray recorders targeted at the U.S. market with the release of the SR-HD1250 and the SR-HD1500. These new players will be available by next month and priced at $1,995 and $2,250 respectively. The SR-HD1250 Blu-ray recorder will be equipped with a 250GB while the SR-HD1500 Blu-ray recorder will have a 500GB hard drive.

Among the features that these new JVC Blu-ray recorders carry include USB and FireWire jacks for camcorder connectivity and an SDHC memory card slot. They also have the usual S-Video, component and HDMI connectivity, although the JVC 1500 adds an RS-232C jack and compatibility with Final Cut Pro.

(Source) Dvice